Juice for Social Movement


by Linde Kanahele

The Juicery

is a fresh juice club that offers organic, local fruit and vegetable juice that is processed through  a double agar commercial machine.  We double wash all our produce and use compostable containers as well as recycle glass containers.  As a Juicer I love the fresh smells and am inspired by natures beauty and bounty.  Juicing is a meditation to me. It soothes me to know people are going to get superior nutrition when they drink this elixir.

Designing the drinks are based on the Hippocrates Health institute development of using juice to bring  health and balance back to the body. Sprouts are the main ingredient of our Green Drink available in 16 ounces.  We combine Celery ,Cucumbers, Apples, Lemons and different local accents when available like dandelion greens, herbs, kale etc.  into a pleasant tasting juice, light in body and easy to absorb . We recommend one of these every day.

We are developing a mini greens market growing  our own wheatgrass, sunflower seeds and buckwheat sprouts for sale in flats.  Juice from these sources are the super foods of nutrition.  Wheatgrass in 2 ounce or 4 ounce shots will be available subject to supply.  This juice is very powerful with a heavy concentration in very small amounts. Healing claims of this juice include Cancer recovery as well as other health issues.My Husband found this juice to help him greatly improve his symptoms of Parkinson’s. We recommend chasing this shot with a green drink or vice versa.

We also offer many different Root shots.  3 ounce shots are designed to carry the healing properties of Ginger root and or Fresh Tumeric root in the juice of sweet, tangy fruits. These drinks are concentrated and packed full of punch. Some examples are:  Green ginger meanies -ginger and green apple.  Red hots- Tumeric, golden beets, lemon.  Sizzlin’ sunshine- turmeric and Ginger, mandarin orange and lilikoi. Top off your Green experience with a little reward! Caution: these are very addictive!!!

The club is open to all members who join by paying a non-refundable one time $25 fee.  As a member you have the opportunity to design your own juice program.  We offer several ways to get juice that you can tailor to your schedule.  We juice Monday Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 to 12:00.  You can come and get juice at our facility H0’0 Hui ( Juice is ready for pickup at 10:00), or We also have a Pre-order program. With the Pre-Order Plan Juice can be picked up anytime at the facility in a blue cooler under the window in the back Garden area. When Juice is ready you will get a notice on your text. Delivery options are also a possibility when available.



Your Choices are:

Pick up at Ho’o Hui.  Green drink $6.50 plus tax

Shots $3.50 plus tax


20 drink card – $105

10 drink card – $35


10 drink card – $35