The Farmer’s Exchange

Waste Not Want not

Wellness in our community means we need access to fresh produce, live plants and seeds.  The idea of this service is to be able to support local Farmer’s to distribute items they have an abundance of and feel good about benefiting to a good cause either by selling, trading or giving away items for free.  People in neighborhoods commonly give away and or trade their goods.

We are also looking for either an individual or group to spontaneously form around these ideals that would be the responsible entity for organizing product presentation in the front part of the building and collecting money.  WE ARE NOT A FARMER’S MARKET.  So we don’t want to expend our time watching over a large Market Place.  But we would like to support ways to get better nutrition and plant growing in our communities.

There are so many possibilities that we could support around seed exchange, knowledge about growing and alternative approaches to bug infestation etc.  We have the space.