Summer Success Story

Alice Caddow – Dowager’s Hump

Alice is a gentlewoman farmer and a very diligent MELTer. She started with me in an Intro MELT Workshop (where everyone starts the MELT treatment) when I first started teaching MELT about two and a half years ago. She took to it immediately; doing the soft ball hand and foot treatment 10 minutes every day as well as Rebalancing her “Auto Pilot” (autonomic nervous system) on the special Soft MELT Roller. She quickly relieved her chronic low back pain and then decided to increase her knowledge of MELT by coming to regular classes starting with the Beginning class, and moving forward through the Intermediate and Advanced Map Sequences. She also attended the Anti-Aging Workshop – featuring the 50 sec facelift. Alice added the facelift sequence to her daily practice and started receiving many compliments on her complexion and skin from friends. Read More