First time at Wellness Fitness?

Is it your first time at Wellness Fitness?

If you are attending a class or workshop at Wellness Fitness for the first time, we encourage you do some or all of the following to ensure a comfortable, safe, physically and mentally fulfilling experience:

  • Wear loose but fitted, comfortable clothing that breathes (for example, is made of cotton), and shoes that you can remove or that are meant for indoor spaces only.
  • Bring a personal bottle of water that you can easily access during class. We are always thinking about hydration at Wellness Fitness, as it is integral to the support of your connective tissue. But not to fear – if you ever forget your bottle of water, we have purified water available for you in our raw food kitchen.
  • If you have long hair you might want to bring a hair elastic to tie it back.
  • Know that any and all of our classes include an awareness of the body in its entirety and instructors always begin with movements or steps to warm up. If you know that it takes you a little longer to warm up, we ask that you take the steps to make sure you get that. Remember, it’s all about each person’s individual kuleana (responsibility). The studio is always open and available for you to warm up pre-class in the half hour before class begins.
  • When walking in, entrance is on the North side of the building, and there is a sign-in and release form on the table. Everyone is responsible for keeping track of their own attendance and payment amounts.
  • Parking is available first-come, first-serve in front of the building and on the side of the building. PLEASE NOTE: Wellness Fitness has three parking spots on the Makai side (ocean-facing side) of the building; they are the northern most parking spots nearest Treasure Island Thrift. You will see signs painted in salmon color, which say ‘WF ONLY.’  Please be careful not to part in our neighbor’s parking spots. There are also three small car parking spots on the entrance side of the building. Additionally, there is plenty of parking on the street. Mahalo for your kokua!