I have been taking classes in MELT for over two years. My lower back hardly ever hurts and when it does I do some MELT to make it stop. MELT hydration and strength training are changing the shape of my body for the better. And doing the one minute facial everyday has made my face … Read More


I’ve noticed my right knee and hip do not hurt as much as before starting a MELT class.


After a session of MELT I feel energized again…[It’s a] really amazing method to rejuvenate the body. Now all I need to do is practice.


I love the relaxed and artsy atmosphere at Wellness Fitness. The environment is vibrant and inspiring, the location is great. Linde is a very knowledgeable instructor. Oh, and they have a great library there too!


My heart is full. I am so grateful I get to do what I do. I am so grateful for this body… for the body. It is a powerful tool. If we take the time to tune in to it, it allows us to return to our selves.

[Testimonial post-‘Move Your Bones’ Workshop with Eva Wilder]