Fresh Crush Juice at Ho’o Hui

Feed Your Cells!

At Fresh Crush Juice at Ho’o Hui, we offer superior nutrition made from local organic fresh fruit and vegetables. We’re the ONLY juicers on the island using a double auger juicer which slowly extracts your juice to keep the enzymes intact. It also ensures superior nutrition by preventing oxidization for up to 72 hours! Use your punch card and every 10th juice of your choice is free. Take a Ho’o Hui class and enjoy a discount!

Why Wheatgrass and Sprouts?

Free radicals form in the body as a normal part of metabolism and other body functions of elimination. One of the most harmful is Superoxide Radical, which is implied in the genesis of arthritis and cancer.

  • Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is an enzyme found in wheatgrass and other grasses. SOD protects cells against transmutation and breaks down free radicals that concentrate in joints.
  • Sprouts have chlorophyll, vitamins and trace minerals, and they are alive! This living energy is a powerhouse of nutrition.
  • Sprouts contain concentrated amounts of phytochemicals—compounds that contribute to plant color, taste and smell. Phytochemicals have benefits that protect from disease.


Our drive-up window is open Monday-Friday from 8:30am-3pm. After drive-up window hours, you can come to the front or back door for orders.

Our Menu

Bullseye Cell Booster:

Sprouts, alfalfa & clover, cucumber, celery, apple juice & lemon juice.

  • 16oz. Green Drink: $8.50 + tax
  • 8oz. Green Drink: $4.50 + tax

Sizzlin’ Sunshine:

Lilikoi (passion fruit), olena (turmeric), ginger & pineapple

  • 16oz. Root Shot: $14.50 + tax
  • 8oz. Root Shot: $7.50 + tax
  • 4oz. Root Shot: $4.00 + tax

Life Blood Wheatgrass Shot:

Wheatgrass with or without lilikoi (passion fruit)

  • 4oz. Wheatgrass Shot: $6.50 + tax
  • 2oz. Wheatgrass Shot: $3.00 + tax

1/2 and 1/2:

The ultimate juice crush! Enjoy half Sizzlin’ Sunshine and half Bullseye Cell Booster

  • 16oz. 1/2 and 1/2: $7.50 + tax

We are now offering order-ahead juice!

Text or call your order in to Linde up to 3 days in advance at 808-937-9944.

Weekly standing orders available!

Call, text or drop by for information if you want to set up a weekly standing order.

Let’s work together

We are regularly in need of organic turmeric, lemons, limes, cucumber, celery, ginger. We would love to work with you, buy or trade. Call Linde (808-937-9944) or stop by.

Special Orders

  • Want a special juice order made from fruit and vegetables you don’t see on the menu? Call a minimum of 1 week in advance, and we can custom juice your special order using our double auger juicer (i.e. dragon fruit, guava, etc).
  • We can juice your garden harvest (i.e. your own turmeric crop). This special order must be pre-arranged as it is only on occasion. Please call ahead to discuss.